Me Robaron el control de mi constructor web, es mentira que usted son gratis

por favor necesito que desactiven totalmente esta cuenta, ustedes me robaron el control de mi constructor web personal, es una mentiras que ustedes son gratis y aparte de eso se roban el control de los dominios en los que uno tenga enlasado algo que alojo con ustedes, me estan afectando economicamente y ustedes saben los puedo demandar legalmente

Please I need to totally deactivate this account, you stole my control of my personal web builder, it is a lie that you are free and apart from that they steal the control of the domains in which one has enlasado something that lodges with you, They are affecting me economically and you know I can sue them legally

You say we “stole control”? What do you mean by that? If your account was suspended, there is always a way you can try to get it reactivated.

@Admin said:
You say we “stole control”? What do you mean by that? If your account was suspended, there is always a way you can try to get it reactivated.

Si digo que me robaron, porque aloje con ustedes unos sliders y ahora que aparece desactivada la cuenta que cree con ustedes y no se porque, porque eso que disque sobre pasa las 800.000 visitas es una bil mentira, siempre redirecciona a una pagina de ustedes y no me permite controlar mi constructor web personal, si estoy equivocada entonces reactiven mi cuenta, ustedes dicen que son gratis y desactivaron mi cuenta para que ahora les pague.

If I say that I was robbed, because I host a sliders with you and now that the account that you believe with you is disabled, and I do not know why, because what you dial about passes the 800,000 visits is a bile, it always redirects to a page of you and I am not allowed to control my personal web builder, if I am wrong then reactivate my account, you say they are free and deactivated my account so that I now pay them

If you account was suspended, you need to submit a reactivation request. If it was denied, your account will not be deactivated.

Is that theft? Maybe, although you blasting through the fair usage restrictions and overusing the servers could be considered “theft” of server power as well. You just can’t host websites which get so much traffic on free hosting, it’s never going to work.

The fact that I can not access my personal web builder because you redirect to a page of yours and that I can not enter to delete the links that I have hosted with you that are but a few sliders I consider it as theft, I repeat is a big lie That my site that I built with another platform has had 800,000 visits in a month, I with you only maybe 3 sliders and link them on my page, tell me if it seems fair that now I can not access my own page my builder Web because you redirect those links to another page of you and pretend that I pay them to get back what is mine ?? I have not hosted my page with you, I have hosted with you are some sliders please I need to recover my page because you are hurting me economically

If you just want to get your website files, say it in the reactivation ticket. We’ll whip up some backups for you so you can move the website to whichever hosting provider you want. We will not force you to pay for anything.

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Ok, I have to do so that in my web builder do not redirect me to this address Every time I try to enter to edit I can not and simply redirects to this annoying link, I do not understand why that happens, delete all the content of the page and still continue redirecting to this damn link http: //teleservimos.rf. Gd / animation / logos / logos.html, is it an encrypted virus?

The account does not exist. There is no domain account with that domain name, so it doesn’t show any website.