McAfee NetGuard is blocking IP


I created a new account and set up a website, but was not able to access it.

The error message was:
“Hmmm… your Internet access is blocked.”
“Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection.”


Then I quickly discovered that McAfee had added the IP address to the blocked IPs list.

Also, linking to websites such as Facebook produces the error message “Your website includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.” which, of course, is not the case for me.

Can you add that IP to a whitelist?

As for Facebook, if you use a free subdomain, you will basically be shamed you for that because of past users that have abused our services. Here’s a recommendation:


McAfee allows me to remove an IP from a blacklist, so I did and I am able to access the website (I should have mentioned this in my initial post). My concern, however, is about the millions of McAfee users who will have no clue why the website is not accessible and will simply skip my website.

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Can you share a screenshot, may be I can help.

I Forgot to mention, Facebook and other security companies consider infinityfree domains as spam.

Because some people used them for wrong purposes and people like us have to face the problem because of their mistakes.

I would suggest you to use, a freenom domain.

Unfortunately, we have no say over what McAfee does, or any other antiviral software for that matter. As others have stated, buying a premium domain is the best way to go.


Perfectly understandable. On the other hand, there is no point in offering a “free” service that is not practically usable, unless that is the intention from the beginning. Perhaps you should make users identify themselves by charging a nominal fee (such as $1) on a credit card, which would probably eliminate abuse?

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The point of free service is to provide service to people that don’t have the money, or the ability to pay. Besides, then Infinity would have to create a payment system, manage it, etc. Its just not worth it.


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