May I ask administrator to enable the template for my domain?

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“Ask administrator to enable this feature”.
I see that message when I try to select the “Crafts” template in the “Art” category.
Could you please allow me to select it?
Thank you.

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Thanks Oxy,
I suggest removing such templates which cannot be made available for infinityfree customers, from this page:

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Unfortunately, as the sitebuilder is managed by a third party, we don’t have any control over what templates are shown where. While it would be nice to get rid of them, it’s just not possible.


Everything in the builder itself is out of our control. We can’t change a single thing in there, everything is controlled by Some things are customizable, but only if you get the paid license which, we don’t have.

So there are going to be a lot of disabled options with an “Ask your administrator” message, even though there is no point in asking us.


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