Maximum Users have already logged in FTP server Error

It’s known problem. I am waiting too :slight_smile:

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

This may be the general issue for the others also.

Error Message

FTP down: 421 3900 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry

Other Information

This is relevant to this topic

which is closed already and should be reopened again till it’s resolved ?

yea they should reopen it


I can’t upload files, because an error comes up “could not read socket”
Everything was fine until yesterday evening. It worked during the day, and I hoped it would today, but no.
I go into your Control Panel and the Online File Manager and it’s normally easy.

I need to access it, but if FTP is just down for a short time, just say so

Cheers, hope you can help.

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yes same to me

We already did:


You need to wait to the oroblem will be fixed @Command_String

I am trying from yesterday.

Hata: Sunucu ile bağlantı kurulamıyor
Durum: Yeniden deneniyor…
Durum: için adres çözümleniyor
Durum: bağlantısı kuruluyor…
Hata: İşlem 20 saniye içinde yapılamadığından bağlantı kesildi
Hata: Sunucu ile bağlantı kurulamıyor

I decided to research this and saw the pinned message and even though it says the issues have been fixed I still get them and I seem to be getting a completely unrelated error as well.

Other Information

I just started getting this issue as of 1:30 PM GMT-5 time and the last time I tried connected was 8:40 GMT-5

Thank you to whoever responds to this!

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@Admin is fixing the problem hold on!

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ok thanks you

No problem ceck this out: Various system issues (DNS, SSL, FTP, etc.) starting May 15 - #82 by OverloadedTech

Well, possible good news… port 21 seems to be offline. To eliminate possible local firewall issues, I checked with online port scanner, perhaps others can confirm.

First step to fixing is to perhaps take it all down for maintenance! … so, give it some more time I suppose.

we have to wait guys

Hey I was able to login into my FTP server this morning, maybe you guys might have some luck logging into yours!

Yep, this issue sounds like it is solved!

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