Max number of simultaneous connection

Hello, I would like to know how much the Max number of simultaneous connection for a free account, and if it could be increased.
and if i started with a free account, could i upgrade to a premium one later without loosing my website?
Thank you

I think you can upgrade without loosing your website, but to be sure, wait for an Admin, he may knows it better than me.

Simultaneous connections of what? SQL has a limit of 10 simultaneous connections.


sorry didn’t mentioned it, yes SQL cnx, Thank you @wackyblackie for the reply… do you know if it could be increased up a little?

Thank you @reda2022

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Only if you upgrade to premium.


ok thank you for the help

  1. Why do you need more then 10 simultaneous connections? You should be ending the connection once you no longer need it, don’t leave un-used connections open, as you can always re-open them.

  2. No, you will not loose your website if you upgrade. In fact, you can contact premium support once you make your perchance and they will migrate everything for you!


Previously they gave 5. But now its doubled.

Yes. But after purchased u need to contact iFastnet for moving ur site to premium.they will help you!


Thank you for the quick reply,
how could i know the disk space for a free account.
and i already have a wordpress website is there any migration service to migrate my website from my old host to the new one? (free or paid)

Thank you for the help

You can see in vistapanel area.
Keep in mind about the nodes means number of files and folder.

Many methods avail for migration of wordpress you can use that.
If you use free account no one help you remotely.
You need to follow the tutorial already available here.
If you use premium then support team will do it for you!


Thank you @HELPINDIA for all the help provided



If you buy premium, they can migrate from free hosting to premium for you. Otherwise, you will need to do it manually (Backup files and database, then upload to new account and change the relevant info).


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