Mapped Nameservers inside Godaddy and installed WP as well over here but not working

So, I changed the nameservers inside the godaddy to match with infinity’s nameserver, I also installed wordpress over here. I did all this yesterday, but still I can’t see the website working. I had earlier passed via cloudflare but removed it coz I thought that might be the issue. I know since it’s free, it can be quite delayed to host the website considering the hits that it might be getting, but still is there a way to check at least a demo on the infinity free’s url itself that wordpress is showing or not. Coz I am irritated by seeing the godaddy’s parked image everytime I got to the website. Plus I ain’t getting any error.
As a side note, Idk how this exactly works, I had hosted a python/node js app using aws, and it was like instantly, so I am quite confused as to how to validate that wordpress is installed on my site and I need to wait 72 hours. And also if in future I update the site, will the update also rerquire 72 hours to get noticeable?

Thanks for the help.

Please click and read the article specificly made for this problem:

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Correct, just when changing nameservers.

We don’t have any power over your domain, you’ll have to wait 24hrs

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Admin can you please delete this post as this is repetitive post and one might get confused reading this.

Hmm,as you have deleted the post,it will be deleted soon.
So no one is gonna get confused

You domain name is still pointing to

You need to change NS to


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