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I signed up for zoho mail’s forever free plan and as part of that process I configured the MX records whilst I still had the godaddy nameservers. That said, when I pointed my nameservers to infinityfree, godaddy began to notify me that I can no longer manage my dns records which is now affecting my receipt of email through the Zoho platform as both my MX and SPF records are deactivated.

Please advise how I can manage my dns records with infinityfree seeing that they are managing my nameservers.

If I wasn’t clear in explaining the issue please do let me know, I’ll be happy to clarify.

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You can find mx and SPF records in control panel.


You need to add the records again from your control panel, under MX records option!

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Without adding MX record your mail will not sent!

So wherever you change nameserver you need to config MX for that server separatly!

So your MX records details is with GD server only! not with IF nameserver.

This is because you have changed the nameserver.
But your MX records still with GD only.
So this case you need to add MX records again in IFserver also.
Then only IF servers can know the details.

Type of MX record is more important then only you can update it like CNAME.

For quick solution please add your site in cloudflare.
Then add the MX record details in cloudflare dashboard.
This will easily fix your problem.
Note: reason for mention CF is it will accept most of the type MX records!


Thank you all for your assistance. I managed to add the records in the control panel. I have to say the support in this forum is awesome :smiley:


Not only support. The service provid by IF also awesome for students who are using for education purpose without drop a cent for hosting expense!

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