manage via


i m new here. I m trying to manage my wordpress site via but block their ips. That’s what they told me from

Is that possible to fix that?

Thanks in advance!

I have on idea who are and I don’t think we have specifically blocked them. What does their service do? And what does it have to do with your website here?

You can manage all your wordpress sites in one place (update plugins.themes, create new post etc). They told me that the hosting provider is blocking their ips (What are ManageWP IPs so I can allow them in my firewall settings? - ManageWP). Is that possible to whitelist them in .htaccess?

I think ManageWP uses the API to mange the website. However, API based services are not supported on InfinityFree (you need to upgrade your account for that).

We do not blacklist any IP addresses, so that’s not the problem. It’s that the API is being blocked.