Malware issue at
and all subdomains are affected with this malware, just want to know, how we can fix this, thank you

There is a reason.

I think this is an informal website. The real website is at .

That is a domain subdomain like and, probably someone has used one of its susdomains for phishing purpose and google has blacklisted the whole domain.


Will Google remove this domain from blacklist automatically or do we need do send requests to google for every webpage with that domain?

There is no way we can fix this.

We think someone has used a subdomain of and to host malware / phishing content. We just need to wait for Google Safebrowsing to reallow these subdomains. In the mean time, use the Microsoft Edge browser.


Umm, instead disable security notifications in Chrome Settings

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I’ve submitted a request with Google for review. The client area already integrates Google Safe Browsing so it can automatically take down sites that are flagged by Google. But ironically, since Google blocked the whole domain, it’s no longer possible to extract reports for individual subdomains.

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