Making my account impossible to log in

As this is the only real way to contact anyone on the IF team…
I deleted my site after realising itll randomly not load files (error: too many apache or php instances when attempting to load ~20 files). So its unusable for my needs.
As Im unable to close my account Im randomising the login password.
Delete the account if you want, or not, Im not really bothered.
Theres also no need for a reply as Ill not be able to log in after this point.

You can delete your account within the profile settings for your main account @offer0.


You can deactivate your hosting accounts from the client area, after which it will take up to 60 days for the accounts to be fully deleted. Once the accounts are completely gone, you can delete your client area profile as well.

So if you really want to delete everything, you can reset the client area password, and put a reminder somewhere after the account is deleted to delete the profile as well.


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