Make website subdomain of an existing domain

Hello All, I was wondering if anyone has done this or has any thoughts on the subject.

I would like to try and make my free hosting site a subdomain of an existing website. The existing website is a ifastnet paid website. If you have done this please let me know where to start looking for a knowledge base post or tutorial. Thanks.


copying content from free hosting
upload there on the ifastnet - under the subdomain…
if the matter is more complex like you use DB here
then you have to recreate that there too.

if you intend to have the same content on the domain and subdomain, then unless you explicitly prevent it, it will happen that Google and other search engines give double results for both, which is bad SEO and confusing.


If you want to add a subdomain of your own domain here, the base domain has to be assigned to the same hosting account already.

If you had your domain on a free account already (which was upgraded and migrated to premium hosting), then you can just add the subdomain to that existing free account through the Subdomains menu.

If not, then you may need to jump through some other hoops, but I don’t know exactly which because it depends on how the DNS of your domain is set up (and on if/how iFastNet migrated your domain). If you can share your domain name, I may be able to give you more relevant information. Or your could ask iFastNet about this, they also know how the free hosting works, in addition to their knowledge of their premium hosting and your site.


Thanks for looking at this and trying to help. I really did not ask the question as clearly as I should have. Thanks again.

The base domain already on Ifastnet is what the overall goal is to not only make my infinityfree site a subdomain, but once I accomplish that the plan is to change over another exsisting ifastnet website ( to another subdomain

The free ifastnet subdomain was really just to remember how to do it. I did some subdomains years ago on bluehost but things are so foggy and confused right now for the life of my I can’t remember how I did it. Cpanel is a bit tricky from what I recall because it does not use the actual server DNS.

The doctor’s still have not figured out the disconnect in my head from all the surgeries so thanks again to all who took the time to help

Thank You.

Thank you for the additional information.

The domain is not linked in any way to the free hosting platform at all, which means the process to setup your subdomain here is the same as it would be for any site that’s hosted anywhere else:

  1. Change your domain’s nameservers to point to our nameservers.
  2. Wait a few hours for DNS caching to update.
  3. Add your base domain name to your free hosting account.
  4. Setup the subdomain on your free hosting account.
  5. Change your domain’s nameservers back to the premium servers.
  6. Add a DNS A record to iFastNet’s DNS records pointing your subdomain to the Website IP as shown in the client area for your hosting account.

Unfortunately, this will result in some downtime for your main site. But unfortunately, the way the system works now is your domain has to point to our nameservers to add it to your account, and that the base domain has to be assigned to the account to create the subdomain.

That being said, depending on which plan you have and how generous the domain limits are for you: would simply hosting the subdomain on your premium account be an option instead? You can set it up without any downtime for your main site. And if you intend to host the .site domain on the same account, you can just like it to the existing website files and databases without having to migrate anything.


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