Make Common Login System

Hi, i want to make common login system for my many php scripts like Google. I have a social media website, and i have a one music sharing website indepented from the my social networking website. I want to; my users can login my music sharing website with their account informations on my social networking website. I think, i shoul connect two databases but i don’t know how can i do it. Please help me.

Where are the files{Music} stored?


Not infinityfree, other hosting provider and it stored in independent from my social networking website’s storage. I thank you Soundar for your reply. :blush:


thank you Soundar, i will look it. I’m noob for this jobs, are you have a website? or can you give me your e-mail for my questions? is it bad for you?

I am not that kind of a dev,
I will ping my friend (who is currently developing a sso system.)

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Hmm, i looking this but i don’t know how can i add api system to my websites source codes. Well, which code blocks the i should add this my website’s logging page for this system.


  1. Making Auth Token
  2. Proccessing Input From User
  3. Checking callback URI
  4. Creating session for user
  5. Redirecting user into intended page

I want to be honest!
I’m 15yrs high school student and im working on new search engine system with another pagerank system. I was say it, im student and i don’t have enough money for buy many items for this so i using nulled codecanyon items. I have one webmail script like Gmail and i have one BeDrive PHp script like Google Drive and i have one news script like Google News, i can install and manage this scripts but this scripts are independent because they don’t created by same authors on codecanyon, but i want to connect my all services with my user’s one webmail account.

Example, im a user on my webmail script and my mail is [email protected], i was add my name as testing and i use webmail system with this informations, i want to use my other products, i choose file hosting and i need account for this, i should can join the file hosting product with my webmail informations.

So are you an Google’s clone?

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Yes but with another pagerank and crawling system.

I rather built it from scratch instead of using prebuilt script


Is it not possible? How can i build from scratch? I see some udemy courses for this but i can’t depend on, are you know any lesson for this?

Try to learning PHP first


Are you know php language sir/madam? Are you have any course advices for this, php?

He knows PHP well,(he is making a cms too)

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Yes, And I learned PHP from and others


Soundar, i thank you for introducing me to your friend!

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Thank you, i will try it. How can i contact you easily. I enter your website but i see only index.

PM him or discord him