Major server maintenance on July 12

On July 8, we’re going to perform major upgrades to the free hosting system. Some of the older parts in our server configuration are going to be replaced, which should help make your websites faster and more reliable.

However, this is a big operation. Because of that, it’s likely that some downtime will occur as part of the migration. We’re going to do our best to minimize the inconvenience caused.

We’ll have a more specific schedule and timeline when the date gets closer.

Update July 4
The maintenance window has been moved to July 12. From 19:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC we expect to have some downtime to make the initial changes to do the migration. After that, more downtime will be expected as we’re moving individual storage nodes.

Okay Thanks for the warning but please make it fast! because we actually running a buisness site on out free account and we’re not even profiting yet! when we profit we will upgrade to premium! Dont worry!

Hello Sir,
I opened this site, now how do I post here.

no issues happy to help,but will cloudfare work too.

@khaled said:
Hello Sir,
I opened this site, now how do I post here.

Click the New Discussion button on the right, of course!

Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhanx still the best free host ever
I like the new Cpanel theme xD

Thank you!

Thank you for the warning.
Will buy the upgrade soon, you’re the best service provider i’ve ever seen, and I mean it!
You are really doing a lot of good work by providing people free hosting.

I hope your hosting service becomes the best one out there, oh wait, it already is :smiley:

@Admin Mhy is my site down?
It says 404! even tho im acessing the main TLD and the 404 page is not any ordanary 404 tho, its the WHM 404 Page.
Any Idea’s?

(Today (At my country) ut is 11/7/17 16:21)

@PlanetGamingGG It’s not 12 July yet, so it’s not related to that issue.

If your website is down and you want help, create a new topic. When you do, make sure to include a URL people can actually check to confirm your site is down.

Is the maintenance over??

@PlanetGamingGG said:
Is the maintenance over??

AFAIK it hasn’t started yet, but I haven’t heard anything about this.

@Admin Okay, because better keep goin’ because my sitesomehow somewhat slower even tho i did not add any new content on it.

@Admin , Does this maintenance change our nameservers too ? Previously I was seeing different name servers under my account as its here, But now i see just 2 name server in accounts section

No, you don’t need to do anything yourself. While you may experience issues during the maintenance, we have made sure that you do not need to make any changes whatsoever.

Different pages show different nameservers, but in reality they are all aliases, so using any of them would work.

@Admin FTP servers are ‘jumping’ (going online and offline). Is this coused by maintenance?

@BlackDiamondPL said:
@Admin FTP servers are ‘jumping’ (going online and offline). Is this coused by maintenance?

All the confirmed details we have about this maintenance are in the announcement topic. I can see from my end there is a substantial increase in the number of FTP errors, but there is no evidence to suggest they are caused by maintenance.

If there are known, confirmed issues resulting from the maintenance, I’ll update the announcement. If there are no known issues in the announcements, that means that there is no information.