Main Problem with website.

Hello, I have free website plan on your hosting and have such problem -

I have recent forum which worked on previous service and which work without error on localhost when i use program like webserv.

I uploaded all componenst of mine forum on your server via total commander program. They are all on your server right now. all components are wisible when i directly enter them like for example file :smile:

I set up config file positively - all is ok with your information,
on mysql base i upload all forum base, it uploaded succesfully - all names like
MySQL user rfgd_20233509
I wrote correct.

And when i go on my website (free i) is name ) I se only white website.

what is wrong ? it looks like ftp componenct have no connection with mysql base, any connection. Anything i try and set up positivelly, it should show something… what is wrong ?

I think this is the FAQ article you’re looking for: