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I’ve just installed my site and I can’t have it send e-mails (for instance, if someone fills a contact form on my site or i any wordpress feature needs to send me a notification).
I 've checked that the PHP mail actually sends mails but I never receive them.
I’ve also installed the WP Mail SMTP plugin (wordpress plugin) to use the SMTP protocol which is safer, but it doesn’t pass the e-mail send test.
I"ve no idea where the problem comes from after asking on dedicated forums about Wordpress or the plugin itself.
So my only question is to know if there is any technical restriction regarding mails sent by my site on you free host plan?

Hello there,

Yes there are restrictions regarding mails here on free hosting, PHP mail() is not allowed so you can’t use it to send emails. IMAP is not provided (I’m not sure but I heard they disabled it due to abuse) so you can’t receive any emails without the IMAP protocol. SMTP isn’t provided as well on free hosting.

You may want to use a 3rd hosting service that specializes with emails like G Suite (Paid), Sendgrid (SMTP only) and Zoho (Zoho does not let you use SMTP and IMAP externally on the free plan meaning you can only use their apps to send and receive emails with your custom email domain).


This is the way you should be able to send email. But which mail service did you configure to use as an SMTP service? Because we don’t provide any SMTP service for you to use.

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