Mail and "A" Record

I have set up the MX records on cPanel to enable mail on my site, and I can send mail but am not receiving mail. I have been told to update the CNAME “A” Record for my domain, I see there is a section for CNAME on cPanel, but changes here don’t seem to affect my “A” Record. How can I configure the A record?

CNAME and A records are NOT the same.
You should go to where you registered the domain(iPage, NameCheap, etc.), then from the dns and nameservers tab, set the a record to… whatever cPanel told you to :wink:

Can you share your domain name so we can check if it’s set up correctly?


I checked on my end with my pre-configured DigWebInterface and there is a MX record on your domain. Please note that it can take a while for the MX record to be propagated all around the world.


Thanks - yeah the issue isn’t the MX record - I am told I am not able to receive email as this setting is meant to be set - but I don’t see where to set it on Inifinity in the cPanel:

Type: A

You can’t set A records on free hosting if you use our nameservers. You should use your own nameservers to set those up.


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