Made a mistake and the site had to be removed completely. Help

In general, the situation is as follows, after installing WordPress and setting up the Site, I decided to Subdomain and ran into a Problem that Caused an Error that I couldn’t Fix, and therefore I had to delete everything clean.
That’s just Now the problem is how can I return the Domain that Was for it is not indicated in the Control Panel now.

As far as I understand, I need help from the Hosting Administrators; I ask you to Help and as quickly as possible, the address of the Site is ! ! !

What exactly is your problem / what do you need help with? Your description is a bit unclear.

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You can add a free subdomain to your account using the Subdomains section. It won’t be assigned to the main htdocs directory again, which is an unfortunate aspect of the hosting platform, but you can generally just move the files and bring your website back the way it was.


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