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Infinity free is great when it comes to free hosting but i actually got a problem with server.
Infinity free subdomain. Server:- apache

My website was running fine before 5 days but now the intial server response is too much slow or i can say its get jammed.

I am using the wp rocket :rocket: worlds no. 1 plugin and was getting a score of 95 at pagespeedinsight but now if i clear the cache server don’t response when try to load. TTFB is more then 15 seconds.

Can you look up wahts the problem i think heavy javascript, font or css will not be the cause as it was running fine few days ago.

Can you plz change the server for me if you can.

Well you can upgrade to premium hosting

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No, we are not the people to change whenever you want so. Also you cannot hop to other server, just because of the latency. This is free hosting, which obviously comes with disadvantages. Also WP Rocket or any other cache or speed optimisation doesn’t work here most of the time as it will utilize most of the I/O limit, which will eventually lead to suspension. Premium hosting may be the choice for you, if you still wanna complain about the latency.

LOL, then your account will be suspended for 24 hours.

Of course, I went, it took about a minute to completely load.

I don’t suggest using this plugin. It has many problems here. Like, sometimes the image CDN doesn’t work, some special dependencies of PHP, which are not available here. And has something more to load during a user visit. And,
Google Site Kit :white_check_mark:
WP Rocket :x:
Yoast SEO :white_check_mark:
WP Astra :white_check_mark:
WP Forms Lite :white_check_mark:
Imagify :grey_question: (Never Used It Personally Here

Umm, no of course. Just a beginner with somewhat WordPress knowledge.

That is due to your browser cache. For the first visit is always a time taking thing.

The best way to speed up your website is to remove unwanted plugins and themes. Remove unwanted pages and posts. Also, you can alternatively embed a google form instead of using WP Forms Lite.

Use a cron job

WordPress is always slow at first because of the cron. When you load a WordPress site, the first load will always be slow, unless the owner has a cron job, or the site has a lot of visitors. You can create a cron job in the control panel if you want.

Note that servers and server power is not free. IF is basically giving you access to servers that cost money. The restrictions are there so many people can enjoy the limited server power that IF can give away for free.


I just means you need a lot of power to run your site. Causes can be auto-updates, resource-intensive plugins, or just a lot of plugins in all.

To set up the cron job, just enter the control panel and click “cron jobs”. Use 1hr and 5 mins for the time.

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