Low php memory

my php memory limit is too low which is 128mb while most of hosting websites provide at least 268mb
and this makes my website too slow and many many problems with elementor as not loading and even infinityfree doesn’t allow to access wp.config.php file
there must be a solution for that otherwise no one can host a website

Elementor is not recommended for use here. It is a pretty resource intensive plug-in.

As for slow loading, that is due to WP-Cron, and the fact that you have little to no visitors on your website.

Lastly, we don’t block access to any PHP files, and I think the file is called “wpconfig.php”, not “wp.config.php”


so what i choose instead of elementor what i know is that it’s the best website designer in wordpress specially with its countless plugins.
is divi better? or at least faster and needs less memory? and if there is a good free designer i wish you tell me too .
also as i can access the config file am i allowed to increase the php memory limit or my site will get closed specially that the memory limit line doesn’t exist?

The default editor is the best. The less plugins and themes the better.

No, you can’t access the config files, and you can’t change their values. If you need them changed, you will need premium hosting.


do you mean the classic editor?

Whatever the pre-installed editor is. I have not used WordPress in over a year, its much to clunky and slow.


ok one last question as you don’t even use wordpress i also find it slow
what is the best free builder for a drop service website? (if you don’t know and already not using a free one it’s okay ) and thanks for your help

Outside of WordPress? I would use the free sitebuilder that is linked in the client area.


Most providers I’ve seen provide 128 MB by default. Some hosting providers let you increase the limit to a higher value, including our premium partner iFastNet. But on free hosting, it’s always 128 MB and cannot be increased.

The PHP memory limit doesn’t make your site slow. The PHP memory limit is just a limit to the amount of memory a single request can use. If a request hits the limit, the code will crash.

Most PHP script executions use far less than 128 MB memory. And as long as you stay within the limit, your code will run as fast as possible.

We give you full access to the hosting account. Every file and every database row can be edited completely to your liking. You can make any changes to WordPress imaginable, or run something different than WordPress entirely.


so the problem is not the hosting ? if that i hope you recommend me an another website design in wordpress

You can’t expect a free hosting service to be the fastest possible option, and you can’t expect a bloated WordPress installation to be so either. So a bloated WordPress installation on free hosting isn’t going to be very fast.

Good and free drag and drop site builder options are rare. Good ones are rare and their creators know it, sticking it behind high license fees or tying it to pricy hosting services.

We have a drag and drop site builder option but it’s quite limited in terms of pages and features.

So to answer your question: no, the problem is not the hosting, it’s wanting to have a drag and drop site builder.


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