is flagged

So the epizy cpanel wasn’t loading for me so I went to and it said this:


The tool you used for the 2nd image?

google safe browsing

There isn’t too much that could done about that.

Its not just that site, I get full screen warnings from MyWot whenever I enter a website.

Either use another cpanel.*, or ignore the message which could be done by pressing Advanced


Well, that is not the recommended panel to use. If you want to connect that way, just click advanced and “continue anyway”

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We’re all still waiting on you to explain what the issue is so we can try to fix it.

Yep, Google flagged the entire domain. We’re aware and have requested a review.

This does happen ocassionally. If too many “bad” subdomains are found on the domain, Google marks the entire domain as harmful.

That doesn’t mean it’s true though, it’s 100% a false positive. So you can just ignore the warning and continue. Or use a different control panel URL.

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It gets stuck on this:

I refresh like 4-5 times and it does that

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