Lost wordpress dashboard

The website is: thedamnmoment.rf.gd

Error Message is:

I was working on wordpress on this site and it was working fine. Then I changed the Wordpress address URL and site address and now even the wordpress dashboard is missing. I am redirected to this page: http://addictionx.rf.gd/wp-admin/.

What could be the problem? Will I get the posts I had saved to draft?

You can regain dashboard access by below

Change it back to your original website name


Thanks you for replying. I got to the rows, but I do not remember the exact name, especially capitalization and punctuation.

website is:

Error Message:

  This is the page where I should access my admin. But all I see is a black page with three boxes with 1)User authentication solutions 2)Circuit board pcba and 3) pcba board.

This http://addixion.rf.gd/wp-admin/ wordpress url should be/was originally http://addiXion.rf.gd/wp-admin/.

I was told to go to my wp database and change back url there. Already done that but problem persist. Please help.

This is what I see


The domain addixion.rf.gd is not assigned to your account.

I do see you changed the label of the account. But to quote the text in the client area right above the field:

Your account label is a short description of your account to help you identify it.

To change the domain names assigned to your account, please check the Addon Domains, Subdomains and Parked Domains sections in your control panel.

In other words: putting a different domain name in the label doesn’t change the domain names of your account.


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