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Good afternoon! Our club has had our site hosted on InfinityFree for a while, but recently – and sadly – our volunteer site admin and web master has passed away. With her passing, we’ve also lost any kind of credentials necessary in order to make changes to the site.

Nobody has access to her personal email anymore, so doing a “I forgot my password” on the login isn’t an option.

Can anyone recommend a way to start recovering our credentials?

Thanks for any help!



Unfortunately, if you no longer have access to the email, there is not really a way to recover the account.

However, there may be a way to do it without access to the account.

What technology(s) does your website use? HTML? CSS? PHP? WordPress? Custom Coded?

Also, do you have access to the domain registrar (GoDaddy)?

EDIT: It looks like your site is custom coded, but I just want to confirm it.


Hi there, thanks for the reply! Looking at the site source I see a bunch of assets w/ wp- in front of them so that suggests it’s WordPress though… it doesn’t seem like your typical WP site does it? Are you thinking we should just scrape the site and start over? Any idea if there’s someone at InfinityFree who could hear us out? Thanks again!

No, it does not look like a normal site to me…

I’ll take a look later, see what I can do


Looks like it was generated with “Serif WebPlus X8”: <meta name="generator" content="Serif WebPlus X8 (16,0,1,21)">



@wackyblackie – Nice catch! The “wp” in the assets must mean “WebPlus” not, “WordPress”, haha!

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Ok @_rusty

Everything should be here:

There are a few things that are different, and it seems the slideshow did not migrate exactly the same, but all the images and stuff are there, so you can certainly fix it.

As for updating the site, you are going to need access to the domain registrar (GoDaddy) to even have a chance of getting the domain removed from the old hosting account here so you can add it to a new one.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Thank you so much! Next up we’ll reach out to GoDaddy and see what they can do there.

Appreciate the help – have a great one!


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