Lost Acess To my Account

Dear Hostmaster,
I have Lost Acess to the email That I have used to create my hosting account and i am using another email account for the support. Please Help me for getting my account back.

Do you still have access to one of your original hosting accounts?(The accounts like epiz_xxx or if0_xxx)
If so,login to cpanel.infinityfree.com and select the “update contact email” to seek for your old email.You can then login to the client area or request password reset.
Screenshot provided

If not,then there’s no way that we can restore it for you,as nobody has clue for what is your old email ever.


Can you still access the client area?


I have some info like email and domain connected
Email used : HIDDEN BY MOD - PII (note: data visible to staff)
Connected domain : justwinmovies.com
I think i have installed wordpress and loged in 1 year ago

Then you should try request a password reset using the email.
(By the way,your email is not visible to normal users for some security reason.)

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i donot have any acess to my email please help me getting my account back please sir

I kinda get it.You have lost access to your email account,right?
Then you should try resetting your old email’s password!

If you really,really wanted to have your account back (without frustrating instructions),post your old site url and your old account name here and Admin might be able to help you.
If you already posted them,then wait for Admin to come.He have access to much more data and may help you with your problem.


In normal situations, you can login with your email address and password. If you’ve lost your password, you can reset it via email. If you don’t have access to the email account, you can login with your password and update the email address.

If you don’t have the password and don’t have the access to the email account, then we cannot help you recover the account. We don’t want you to lose your accounts of course, but we also don’t want to give your accounts to anyone other than you. And without the password or email address, we simply have no way to authenticate you.

What we can still do is verify the ownership of your domain name, and then I can remove the domain from your account. You won’t have access the the files or database contents, but you will be able to host the domain with us again on a new account.


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