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i’ve lost access to my email and password for my account and i don’t know what to do

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I had my info saved in my google account and it was stolen along with my laptop. I’d really appreciate help getting access back to my site

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Aaaaaand that’s why you never save passwords (or at least provide a backup) on an electronic device. The best idea I can think of is storing an encrypted file containing all the passwords you have for different accounts (and memorize a very very strong passphrase).

And when you mean lost access to your email and password, do you mean your infinityfree account, or your email account?

i don’t have the email, google won’t give it back

i lost both but i am not able to get my google account back because of two factor or something

You can try Google password manager if you can sign in to your Google account. If 2 factor authentication is enabled you will get otp in your sms or other email

You can change your email at
Profile > Edit Profile > E-mail Address

You have to contact support
Both InfinityFree and Google
If you lost both passwords

If you have lost your password, you can reset it by getting a password reset link through email. If you lost access to the email address, you can still login with your email and password and change the email address from there.

If you’ve lost both, you’re out of luck. If you lose all means we have to authenticate you, we can’t authenticate you, which means we cannot safely give you information or make changes to your account.

Same with two factor authentication. You get a QR code for your authenticator app and backup codes. You can access your account so long as you have one of them. Lose both and you’ll have lost your account.

Authentication systems are not for show, which we can just disable if they are inconvenient to you. We are required by law to protect the data of our customers against unauthorized access. Giving account details away to anyone who says they own a domain is illegal for us.


Exactly what I was saying to my brothers who think they can get their Roblox account back if they ever lose it (:rofl: ). But I guess I didn’t ever think about it as being illegal (makes sense).

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