Lost access to my account due to carelessness

Due to my mistake, I used an email that I didn’t use much and didn’t save it, I don’t remember the name of the email, and for that reason I can’t access my account, but up to this moment I’m still using the website I set up, I just need your help to know the email of my account created for me to recover access (I clarify that it is not from this account with which I am here), I can provide data that is from the account (minus id) I have access to my web panel that has a password , I simply forgot the name of the email, can you help me? I give the data that I know is in my account

Please, I don’t have any record of my email in my data, because I don’t use Google Chrome… and I don’t remember the name of my email


For privacy reasons there is only a limited amount of data we can share with you.

Can you provide as much information on the account as possible? For example, username (epiz_12345678), connected domains, etc.

If you have private information that you can share that can connect the account to you, please let me know and I can start a private conversation.

Alternatively, if you can login to the control panel, you can just remove the domains and create a backup of MySQL and FTP, then add the files, DB, and domains to a new account.



I have managed to access my account!

I don’t know my username “epiz_XXX” by heart but when I thought about it, I remembered that I still have my file for the connections to the database, I managed to enter the CPanel and from there in “Update Contact Email” I managed to see my mail, I have managed to access.

Sorry for the inconvenience and embarrassment, thank you very much anyway!


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