Are there any logs of all actions of my website?


What do you mean by “logs”? Logs of what?

We don’t keep any details logs of anything on your site.

Well I found out that there are certificates requested for subdomains I do not have.

And I wanted to know if I could look up what infinityfree is doing with my domain, I do not host anything but they are advertising on ww01.domain.com and I want to have logs of everything they hosted or requested

What is your domain? Most likely, it is just mis-configured, and the ads are a consequence of that



I don’t see any ads, the site just redirects to LinkedIn.

Also, the domain is not pointing to InfinityFree nameservers

Yes, I just changed the redirection because of the ads

Unused subdomains on our hosting are routed to a domain parking service from Bodis instead. There are no logs for that on our end, because it’s basically a default fallback record in our nameservers.


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