I am starting my own website and was wondering, how do I go about designing my own logo? My next question would have to be, If I can not design it on my own, then where do I have to go to get a logo design done?

Brainstorm some ideas on what you want your logo to be. Things that you like, or what your website is about! And you can look up ‘logo designer’ just to let you know.

You can try to slap something together yourself in drawing software of your choice. You could draw an icon, or just pick fonts and colors and go for a full typographic logo. You can buy a logo off the shelf, or hire a designer (either locally or through an online platform) to develop a logo for you.

In any case, it helps a lot if you think about which logos you currently like, and what you would like your logo to convey. For example, the infinity symbol for InfinityFree was a no-brainer. And such information can inspire you, help you in your search or provide guidance to a designer to make something for you.


Thank you, I’ll check it out!!!

Than you, I will definitely take this into consideration!!! I wan’t sure but I appreciate your help and advice!!!

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