Login to my administrator account

Après avoir essayé d’installer un certificat ssl, je ne peux plus accéder à mon compte administrateur. Encore moins sur le site lui-même.

Hi, remember that this is an English forum. Can you elaborate more? Like the website address?


Kindly check the url
And edit using db to https

Can you give your site link? / Est-que tu peux donner ton lien site-web pour plus d’aide?

For now, look at this. You can translate it if you don’t know English. / Pour maintenant, regarder ça. Tu peux le traduire si tu ne sais pas anglais.


Can you please provide us with your website’s URL? It might be possible that your SSL certificate is installed incorrectly or some settings on your website need to be rewritten.


Here is my link to my website: http://poutesalomon01-greate.site.net

I don’t think it is. I’m guessing you’re using a subdomain of great-site.net, because what you’ve shared here looks vaguely like it, but it’s not.

That domain does not exist, both in DNS and on our hosting.

Please be very careful of typos in domain names and URLs, a single typo is often the difference between a working web page and one that doesn’t.


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