Login successful, but redirects me to homepage and logs me out!

Hey there, my website is http://quickdate.html-5.me/
I am using QuickDate script just to learn it…
It worked fine on localhost for me…
When I login, the login is successful, but it sends me back to home page and logs me out!
Everything worked just fine on the localhost…
Any solution???

I’ve never used this script, so I don’t know.

Could you setup a testing user we can try to login with?


Registering works. Accounts save in the db perfectly.
However, i’ve created a testing user for you:
User: testerboi
Pass: testerboi

This is how the php script is supposed to work:

All url seems to end with “//”
Is this correct?

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@rabbitboicollins12 unfortunately you are using nulled script so we can’t help you.

it is dangerous for your future website users as well as for us who are trying to figure out the problem
because often these scripts are infected or lead to some suspicious pages quietly in the background

e.g. yours in one part of code contained domain ending with .ru and it is hidden by url shortener


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