Login problem with email address


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“These credentials do not match our records.“

Other Information

(When I try to login to the InfinityFree Website I am presented with one of two options:

in one case I am promptly for my email address and password. This never seems to work. I always have to request a new password which will get me in to the site. This works once and only once.

In the other case, I am prompted for my username and password. I am always able to login this way. However this only gets me into part of the website, the part the that offers additional services. I can’t navigate from there to my client area (the page I get to if I log in using my email address). If I try to navigate there, I get the login page demanding my email address, which as I say, never works.

I take it you mean the login form at Login to your account - InfinityFree by this? I’m not aware of any issues.

You’re saying you are requesting a password reset and this works (therefore resetting your password), but when you logout and try to login right away with the same password, this doesn’t work?

I assume you mean the control panel at https://cpanel.epizy.com by this.

These are the credentials of your hosting account, not the client area profile. Your client area profile may have multiple hosting accounts, and they all need to have unique passwords.

The username and password of the hosting account are displayed in the client area. These details are correct unless you use the reset password of the hosting account itself which you should never do. Doing so will cause various issues, including breaking the control panel and file manager buttons in the client area.

To fix this, you need to reset your hosting account password through the client area. So login on app.infinityfree.net, click Manage next to your hosting account, go to Edit Account and change the password on that page.

If you want to change your client area password if you’re already logged in, click your email address in the top right corner of the page, then click Profile, and finally click Edit Profile. On that page you can change the password to the client area.


Now that I understand that these are two different passwords for different things there is no problem.

I would suggest you improve your documentation to prevent other people making the same mistake I did.


Our documentation should be quite consistent in the naming between client area profiles and hosting accounts. The client area profile is what you use to login to app.infinityfree.net, and from there you create hosting accounts.

Do you have any suggestions on where and how this should be made more clear?

If you already have something in your introductory documentation explaining the difference between Client area profiles, and hosting accounts, I missed it. Just knowing that there are these two entirely different things that you log into is helpful. Can I also suggest that instead of just prompting for “password” you change the dialogue boxes so that they prompt for “client area profile password” and “hosting account password”.

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When you are logging into the Client Area, you use your main password for app.infinityfree.net, and from there is your hosting accounts (which use the same password as the Client Area). In each specific hosting account, there is another password. This password is solely for FTP (and cpanel.epizy.com), it has nothing to do with your Client Area password.

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