Login issues with Hubzilla script!

This is the website: http://dates.rf.gd
Issue i’m having: If I leave the page i’m at, it disconnects me and I have to login again. Pretty much any action I do disconnects me.
The console on my browser displaying the following error when I try to login:
error with permissions-policy header: origin trial controlled feature not enabled: ‘interest-cohort’.

I had the same issue with a dating website script, when I login, it says login successful, then redirects me to the home page and disconnects me.
It worked fine on localhost.

Hi and welcome to the forum

The error you mentioned should not have any significance in terms of login problems
rather, it is simply outdated and the browser you are using no longer supports it

I don’t know how old version you have
but the last one requires php8
and a few more things that are not possible on this hosting. (e.g. cron every 15 minutes ?).

Maybe the configuration itself is a problem

One thing I noticed that may or may not be the cause is
that the session cookies that are requested and that are returned do not match when the login button is pressed

In addition, the registration does not work because it does not send mails because PHP mail is disabled on the hosting

so you have no use for that script if no one can register

Since registration doesn’t work, I can’t check what happens if I’m logged in
but I think (this topic) it’s a question for hubzilla developers not infinityfree hosting.


Thank you so much. You resumed all.


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