Login Credential for C Panel & Its not auto directing to WP Admin page

User name: epiz_26239828 Website : mysmartchoice.epizy.com

On clicking the admin of WP through Softaculous, it’s not auto directing and asking for C Panel Login & Password

why it is not working?
where will i get C Panel username & password

Hello there,
Yep there are some issues (IDK how to call it)
Maybe the solution is to be patient for a few hours


Just to confirm, what do you mean with “C Panel username and password” here? Are you referring to the WordPress admin login page or the cPanel login screen (which you should never see if Softaculous and VistaPanel are working normally)?

In any case, the easiest way to work around this is to just login to your WordPress admin area by hand. You can just navigate to http://mysmartchoice.epizy.com/wp-admin/ and login with the username and password you specified during the setup. If you did not specify those yourself, you can login with the username admin and the password pass.


Thank you the problem was fixed after some time