Login cookies isssue with WordPress

Hi there

I’m trying to upload a WordPress site for testing (http://melit.epizy.com) but I can’t log in.

The WordPress error message informs me that cookies are not enabled in my browser but that’s not correct.

I’ve tried many different methods to solve the issue like deactivating the plugins or adding code in config.php but nothing seems to work.

Is there a host issue (like filtering) for WordPress cookie support and if yes what should I do to solve it?

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Hi thanks for the response. I have already checked this thread and nothing of these works for me. Do you know if there is a filtering issue with the host or something? Have you experienced a similar problem?

It seems you need to re-install wordpress since it looks corrupted.

No. i have not.

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Ok thanks. I’ll try that.

That didn’t help either… any other ideas will be more than welcome…

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