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login attempt failed

( Sir when I try to install WordPress using Softaculous Apps Installer it shows login attempt failed even If I try to login with my cpanel I’d and password it shows same error and not only in my but on my friends accounts they are facing same issue )

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same problem here

same problem!

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It’s a global problem at the moment, we can only hope iFastNet fixes it soon


It’s after business hours, So unless they have 24/7 oncall datacenter engineers, we may need to wait a while.


From what I can find iFastNet is open 24 hours a day (though I can’t find what all is done specifically at night) This includes support for their paid hosting packages, and it’s practically required for a company that has customers internationally, like web hosting. Regardless, my point still stands: we can’t do anything about it except for wait for it to be fixed, no matter if it’s dealt with today or not.


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