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The site at this address is not a WordPress site. For us to connect to it, the site must use WordPress

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I made my website on the WordPress I downloaded off of cpanel. Through the cpanel WordPress I found my username and email. When trying to login to my account from WordPress com or the mobile app, it tells me that it’s currently unavailable and that I should use my password instead. When it asks me for my WordPress site, I give it https://agonesfree.epizy.com (on zerossl), first it tells me that it might not be a trusted ssl or smth like that, I press continue and it says that the site was not made on WordPress. What do I have to do to login to WordPress com and see my infinityfree site?

Use this…
Or login using softaculous using cpanel it won’t ask password

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I want to get the mobile app.

I want to get the mobile app working though.

What mobile app??

The WordPress mobile app.

try with .ORG


Please note that we have a security system that ensures only web browsers can access your site. Because of this, access from mobile apps may not work on our hosting.


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