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Hello infinity free thank you for this amazing service, it helped me a lot in my web portfolio school projects and now planning to host my capstone school project here. anyway I was just wondering how can I log out all of my sessions of infinity free account because I signed in using one of our university computer and now It keeps bothering me what if some student were to open my account and compromise my websites, all I can see in account profile are edit profile and login history. Thank you.


Terminating past sessions is currently not supported. Please access the computer itself to terminate your session.

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Got it, thank you for the clarification.

If you suspect your account may be compromised, you should reset your client area password. Not only will that help if your password is compromised, it will also log out all other sessions currently logged in to your account.

Also, please note that sessions only have a limited lifetime. After two hours, you’re logged out automatically.


I didn’t notice the 2hours session lifetime since I always log in using guest windows in my laptop. It just so happen that I needed to login to one of school computers to configure sql db cause I cant open sql admin using mobile phone hotspot as Wifi its just blank but the link is there; in a hurry to show the project changes to our professor so that we can finally go home I asked one of my thesis groupmate to open infinityfree not realising it’s not on incognito or guest, that time I was out of sleep chasing school deadlines thus probably why I have forgotten to log it out but, phew what a relief, I’m most probably already logged out since it has been +24hours thank you admin I can now sleep in peace, also thank you for infinityFree.