Log In E-Mail Problerms

Hello, I can’t log in to my e-mails, I just get a white screen…

It was fine the other day, please can you advise me?



The email server seems to be down again. It was going quite well for some time, but this issue still has not been properly fixed, so these outages can sadly still happen.

It seems alright today, well I can log in… However, I did expect to see more e-mails than there was in there, please can you update me on the situation regarding people being able to send e-mails to me??


I’d like to help you, but having less emails than you expected doesn’t give me any decent leads on where to start looking. I can only help you if you can tell me that email provider X could not send to address Y because of error Z.

The email service was down for quite a long time. While most email servers hold messages for a while and try again later, they may give up at some point and discard the message. So while some email may have been delivered with a delay, other email may have been lost.

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