Lockdown again

देश भर फेरि बन्द

Translation by MOD: Closed again across the country

What’s the point right now?


he just saying that our country extended the lockdown just leave it.madam


58 died

Ok Sir.

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Lol we’ve 215death everyday here (it is sad) . You shouldn’t get out if you aren’t prepared :slight_smile:

Most the people don’t care about C19 and its damages, that’s why your country has to extend lockdowns again.

hope everyone recover in all country :slightly_smiling_face:


Even who doesn’t wear mask and bully who wears them??

Here people don’t wear mask and when i get out people point and laugh at me saying ‘Oh that masked girl/wh*re’ :neutral_face:

I don’t see how their work prevents them from getting C19, Will they recover?

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: I think no

same here :frowning_face:

Well their life belongs to themselves.


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