Localhost IIS SSL Problem

We are trying to install our certificate on our local computer. We are using IIS 10. We come to the certificate adding part and add our file with the (.cer) extension. So far everything is normal. However, when we try to add it as a site, it does not see this certificate. Oddly enough, it doesn’t show up in the certificates section either. I think there is another certificate that comes with IIS. But we don’t have the certificate we uploaded. Can you help with this. Thank you…

Are you trying to get self-signed cert?
Please fill up according to the template…

Thanks a lot for the reply. I got the certificate from here. So I didn’t create a new certificate in IIS. Does the certificate I get through Let’s Encrypt have this problem?

For which domain?
Please fill up according to the template…

What problem?
SSL certs obtained here are meant for web-hosting on IF

IIS is a bit tricky, you may need to do this instead



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