Local WordPress Website Project and FTP/SFTP Uploading to WordPress within free InfinityFree Online?

How do I setup and use FTP/SFTP to upload my website project from my local WordPress to an Infinityfree WordPress Installation? How is it possible to do this if there is MySQL/Maria information that needs to come across, which are not in files or directories?

Is it possible for someone to give me a step-by-step guide as to how to acheive this (What to do and how to do it, at each step), for all WordPress project possibilities? (What I have found already isn’t enought for me to accomplish it all given where I am, and the detail knowledge that I don’t quite have yet to correctly accomplish it all) ?

-How do I activate my one FTP/SFTP account from CPANEL, inside my free InfinityFree Internet account?

What is the information needed to point my local FTP/SFTP client to the right place, through the internet, to the pertinent account, with the required username and password (I use WinSCP)?

-What do I need to select locally, and how, in terms of files, directories, and database content?

-Where do I need to copy it to, in terms of a directory destination, be it the case that one or more destination directories are necessary?

-What do I need to do to cause InfinityFree WordPress to “scan” the completed upload, in order to integrate and uptake the new upload correctly and perfectly?


InfinityFree does not provide SFTP, but we do have FTP. Details for connecting can be found in the client area under “FTP”.

htdocs is the root directoy on InfinityFree, you should upload your files inside the htdocs folder

Database content can be imported using PHPMyAdmin, found within the control panel


-Do I need to activate my one (1) free InfinityFree FTP account (further), beyond creating an internal InfinityFree Account, which I already have, or not?

-What source files and directories needs to be selected from a local xampp or htdocs directory?

-What is the destination directory where this should be copied to that comes up via a successful FTP login into InfinityFree, with WordPress installed over there, within an internal Account?

-How do I login to my local PHPMyAdmin?

-How do I create a necessary/sufficient WordPress database backup file/s in a local directory of my choosing?

-How do I upload and restore that database archive file(s) within CPanel within free InfinityFree? What is its equivalent of PHPMyAdmin, and how do I use that to acheive this?

-Do I need to get InfinityFree online WordPress to “scan” all uploaded and restored content, so that it will capitulate into WordPress, together, perfectly, so that they work the same with InfinityFree Online WordPress? Do I need to restart and login in again, via either free InfinityFree website or InfinityFree online WordPress? If so, with which?

If your account is active and you have logged into your control panel, FTP will work. Why don’t you try it?

Not sure what you mean. You upload to the htdocs directory here


Already told you. Read my first reply

You export the database from your old host and save it

Again, read my previous reply

What do you mean by that? If you upload the files and database, and WordPress is correctly configured, you don’t have to do anything else.

Why don’t you just try doing it? If you get stuck, check out online guides for migrating WordPress manually. If you are still stuck, reply here with what SPECIFIC part of the migration you are stuck on


I have been trying things, but I have been ending up in a bit of confusion.

-I am presuming that it I will FTP copy contents of htdocs to htdocs online. From local to remote online. Is this what I should do if I am migrating from Windows to InfinityFree?

-If I am copying like this from Windows to InfinityFree, will there be any compatability errors inside InfinityFree?

-If I cam copying from Windows to InfinityFree, am I not overwriting any previous WordPress Installation in InfinityFree? Do I still need to do a WordPress install via Softaculous in InfinityFree? If I am copying over this, will I end up with a corrupt WordPress that won’t run any website at all?

Follow this guide

Use the manual method


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