Loading Website Very Slow

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My website loading speed is very, very slow
and show 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
please check it

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I also deleted the cache and additional files and checked all the cases, but the problem was not solved

Hello there,

There is currently an ongoing maintenance with some of the free hosting servers and the speed of your website is affected by this. Please be patient as your hosting accounts are being migrated to the new servers with better hardware.

Please refer to this announcement:

My IP :

It is also likely that your IP is affected as well even if your IP was not listed.

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and it is also possible that the 503 error was caused by your main ip address that was under maintenance.


Usr caching and autoptimizer plugin to speed up your website loads.


I’m glad you want to help people, but what you said there is completely illogical and very untrue.

There are two IP addresses affected, and a list of symptoms. If you are on the IPs listed and experiencing the listed symptoms, you’re definitely affected. If you experience the same symptoms on different servers, the issue may have spread or moved. And if you are experiencing other issues on the same IPs, those may be unknown symptoms or side effects.

But in this case, it’s a completely different issue being experienced on a completely different server. There is no evidence in the slightest to suggest that these issues are related.

The idea of “there is one issue, so literally everything on the platform that doesn’t work 100% as expected must be related to it” makes no sense whatsoever. And stating it as a fact is very dangerous, because it distracts and detracts from actually figuring out what the real issue is, and obfuscated proper communication about the actual issue to the people who are actually affected by it.

So please do not make such nonsensical statements again.

As for the question why your website is slow, it’s hard to say. A full WordPress website has many moving parts, with plugins and themes, and there are many different reasons why a site could be slow. So it doesn’t automatically mean that there is a hosting issue at all.


Thanks for the complete explanation.
But this problem happened recently and it was easy to open before the website

Hi. As the @Admin keeps saying, bits and pieces of information are not enough to identify a problem. To get right answers, you need to ask the right questions. You say your website’s speed has decreased, but don’t mention what you observe.

You can start by giving information like how long has this been happening? Do you have a Wordpress website? If yes, what plugins do you use? What have you done? The more information you give, the better.


Your website’s speed is not that bad, in my opinion.

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I absolutely understand Admin. Really sorry about that.

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