Loading module was blocked because of a disallowed MIME type (“text/html")

Website URL


Error Message

Loading module from “https://gulfam-rayeen.com.np/” was blocked because of a disallowed MIME type (“text/html”).

Other Information

The module script has the status 302 found with the location targeted towards the same website url.

Is https://gulfam-rayeen.com.np/assets/index-DSSr6L6y.js present?


It gets deleted automatically. I try to upload it through the online file manager and even filezilla. The moment it uploads. It’s removed. :frowning:

How large is the file?


It’s 1MB (1,063KB). My other files are much larger than this.

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The thing is I am transferring the files on my previous free domain to my own custom domain now. I have made no changes ever since. And it has stopped working from then. I replaced the files of previous domain to see if that works. But now that too stopped working.


It will definitely be deleted due to this


What does that mean, how can I fix that. I didn’t had this issue before on old domain.

I believe

had somehow been defined as an html file.

As a result, html file more than 1MB will be deleted


I don’t know how it somehow is being defined as a html file. And I can’t find a way to reduce it’s size.

I think it’s more likely that instead of a JS file being detected as an HTML file, that the reduced file size limit also applies to Javascript files by design. Please understand that a lot of our documentation is based on observation, not necessarily information we’ve been given.

Regardless of why the file is being deleted for being too big, it is, and so you will need to reduce the file size.

The random suffix at the end of the file name gives me the idea that it has been post-processed by something, possible to combine and minify the code. Is that correct? While minification is always good, too much combining saves requests, but means that all visitors have to download a big file, which is not great. If so, there may be some knobs to turn to either improve minification or reduce combination to create one or more smaller files.


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