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Hello I’m having an issue where I have a gallery of 30 items. On local computer, the website opens all 30 images, but on infinityfree all 30 images aren’t loaded. Why not? What’s the problem:(

  • Tim

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What is your URL?



If you look at the code of http://itimdesxgner.rf.gd/mybuildsphotogallery.html, you will see that you have commented out the code containing most of your other images. Uncommenting it should show them.


I know i commented it the right way as i was trying to hide something. This comment shouldn’t have caused the issue to the page loading slowly:/

Okay now I am confused. What is the issue you’re facing?

The initial issue you reported was all images not showing, which happened because you’ve commented them out. Now you’re mentioning the page loading slowly as an issue, which does not occur to me now that I did a hard refresh and visited your website.

In any case, if the page is loading slowly now, it’s likely because it’s loading all 30 images (instead of, for example, showing some thumbnails and loading the actual image only when the user clicks on it).


hm okay images work now somehow but when i visit this website on my phone and when i visit this page iTimDesxgner (rf.gd), the image gallery won’t show up like on my computer. it’s super wide although i went on Inspect and resized window on computer to see how it’d fit and it works perfectly on Inspect thing. On phone it just doesn’t work when i entered same PX dimensions…

it looks like this on my mobile phone (image one)

but on computer(image two), looks like this

which image gallery is placed perfectly just as i wanted but on phone it’s not. it’s got weird dimensions i’m not sure why. i added css for max width and stuff like that…

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