Loading error in my File manager

Presento un error al tratar de cargar mi File manager, estaba tratando de copiar unos archivos de una carpeta a otra y ya no me quiere cargar correctamente

  • Account username: epiz_25592270
  • An unknown error ocurred during application sentings load.
  • browser
  • como bien explique arriba, estaba tratando de copiar los archivos de htdocs para otra carpeta que estaba arriba de esta y despues de eso el file manager no me quiso cargar mas.

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If there are so much files inside of your htdocs folder, maybe consider to use a FTP client to download the htdocs folder to the desktop, then upload the contents of the htdocs folder to the other domain’s htdocs folder. If the file you’re trying to upload exceeds 10 MBs then you need to either split it in some parts, extract the archive and upload the extracted files, or if you’re offering file downloads, consider sharing them on cloud file hosting services like Google Drive or Dropbox and link them back.


That sounds like the file manager was just acting up. It may have been a temporary hiccup. Do you still get this problem?

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