LMAO infinityfree [eternity no hosting.net ]

Haven’t 24 h when i signed in suddenly get this message when setting everything up with no abusive or malicious action, don’t make people lose their time saying you provide hosting for free.!


Fortunately, InfinityFree and its free subdomains and other services are not flooded by actual malicious content and uploads, because of its automated and sometimes too strict abuse and malware filter system.

Since there are specific patterns that are usually uploaded and created by malware spreading and abuse creating accounts, the suspension system has to terminate an account even if it is a harmless one, as a better alternative to let’s say letting in a wave of automated damaging content uploads in 2 days, that would damage and lower the reputation of InfinityFree’s provided free sub-domains or otherwise signalize these websites hosted on our servers as damaging which would result in an overall drop of reputation and a possibility of mainstream Internet search ranking and website and hosting server reputation determining services marking InfinityFree’s free hosted website server IP addresses as untrustworthy and therefore decreasing the overall scoring of InfinityFree.

That being said - it is better to be safe than sorry, which is the reason why even legitimate accounts tend to get suspended if they have a line of code, file name or any other pattern that could be used by those with bad intentions.

The good news is that there is the appeal system which you can use and usually get a response within 1-3 days, therefore make an appeal.

It would be also sad if people lose their time because our domains would be suspended, our servers would be ceised and our staff would be in jail. Which are all reasonable chances if we wouldn’t take any proactive action against possibly abusive accounts.

That said, I quickly checked the reason why your account was suspended and I think there is a good chance it can be reactivated. If you submit a ticket like the box says (rather than posting here) I’m sure your website will be back online in no time.

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