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I want to have free live chat for support on my site:

I use wordpress and there are many plugins for this, but I want a live chat plugin with NO BRANDING (has “powered by something” on the live chat) for free. I looked and researched and came to this site called On the site, I don’t understand how i’m supposed to take the zip file and upload it into my site. The instructions are very unclear and there are no videos. There is a way through softaculous, but the softaculous in the control panel doesn’t have LiveHelperChat whereas the one on the official site has one: Softaculous

How do I install the zip file and put it into my site? Is there any other software or company which provides live chat with NO BRANDING for free?



Live chat is not allowed in TOS
you can only use something that is embed (third party)
and which does not consume system resources here


Is it comply with TOS?

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yes i think it it :slight_smile:

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It’s still not what I was mainly looking for because it’s paid and has branding “powered by livechat” Good choice though!

just use livechat plugin its free on wordpress or tidio

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Those are free, but have branding for using the free version.

yes is there a problem with that?

you wont find a free one without branding bro

this smartsupp what youre using is with branding too but i can recommend too

There must be one, its a vast internet. I just don’t like seeing the obnoxious branding when a customer uses my website. I dont care if ones without branding look bad or anything, I dont want any branding. I found this: which doesnt have branding and is kind of free. Instead of being a widget, it is a pop up. Is there any way to make a website into a mini widget that opens when someone clicks the button (like how all other live chat buttons work)?

As @phyh123 pointed out, it will be super hard to find something that works for you, with your specific needs. Almost every chat company wants there branding on the free version, because that’s how they get more customers/money. If you are lucky enough to find one that has no branding, it wont work the correct way, or it won’t comply to the TOS. Having a chat on a host that doesn’t allow chat scripts is hard. I would recommend either A) find a paid host that allows chat scripts or B) lower your expectations.

Best of Luck!

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when i find something i will message you here

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try this:

It works, but still has branding :frowning: thanks for trying!

I guess there really isn’t a big choice here. Maybe I should try to build one :smile:! Would help my coding out! How do you even build a support live chat?

Well, remember that you can’t host it here, so you would have to host it somewhere else, and embed it here. You’re going to be paying either way.

Oh yeah, forgot that!

I’msupporting doesn’t have branding and is free!

Without is opening a new window, not that I know of. You would have to do more research on that.