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Hello Administrator,

I would first of like to start by saying you have utilised your website template very well on Infinity Free & Grendel Hosting. Could you link me to the Grendel Hosting/XVhost template? Thanks in advance. Also very nice forum theme your using, much better than SimpleMachineBoards, I’m considering joining CodoForum. Anyway this isn’t the important part, yet.

Now the important part. I’ve seen you only provide support through email (ticket) or your forums. I would like to work voluntarily as a live chat agent during the hours specified below. Just to make you aware, the services that is aware of all provide scheduling so they won’t contact you outside of specified hours,instead it will send a message to your email and my email. I’m exceptionally brilliant at Sales & Most Technical enquires: Therfore your work load will be drastically reduced and you can focus more on other projects and customising the websites even further. I understand that you don’t currently have live chat, however I have some great free live chat services and resources that we can utilise.

The hours I’m available are as follows.

Monday : 3PM-10PM
Tuesday : 4PM-10PM
Wednesday : 4PM-10PM
Thursday : 4PM-10PM
Friday : 4PM-11PM

Saturday : 9AM-11PM
Sunday : 11AM-11PM

I’m using the British Standard Time Zone Currently.

Please contact me by either replying on the forum or using my own live chat which is located at

Just to make you aware I’m the sole operator of, but thankfully I have some people I’ve hired that are developing the website, therfore I just need to ensure urge services are operational and answer the occasional question. Also, as you can see I’m very professional and I rarely use slang, even when I talk to my friends I keep professional and I absolutely hate spelling errors and I check most things twice for grammatical errors before updating them for the general public to see.

I’ve also seen a lot of theses questions people ask are similar Therfore, I’m considering using my whitelabel website hosting providers frequently asked questions widget and adding the additional questions as required. Since it’s a dynamic widget once it’s installed into your website every time I add a question it automatically updates with the new question/answer.

Codoforum looks very nice (I particularly like the live preview mode and support for Markdown), but messing with the layout is REALLY hard without completely breaking the jQuery soup which runs this. Also, if any of you briefly experienced login issues on the forum last Thursday evening (GMT+1), that was because we switched to PHP 7, which Codoforum apparently does not support. We still need to see if Codoforum can be tweaked to work with PHP 7 or we need to switch forums again.

As for the job request, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your request because I think it’s easier to discuss it in private.

Please contact me by direct message at since it’s more convenient and is still private. Emails are my last resort as they are slow and mail servers like marking everything as junk.

Please contact me by direct message at since it’s more convenient and is still private. Emails are my last resort as they are slow and mail servers like marking everything as junk.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do job interviews or partnership negotiations through a social network. I prefer things which are more time tested and decentralized. E-mail is only as slow and as poorly filtered as your e-mail host.

Skype is an option though. If that would work for you too, can you please e-mail me your Skype ID?

My host is Microsoft for emails, and my Skype ID is Subvideo.


I’ve sent a private message within the forum containing my Skype ID.