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This may sound ridiculous to many but i was expecting to see in my just created new account a directory like page (like about 16 years ago or first time when i made a tripod/lycos account) with uploaded html file names besides index that may be linked to directly and/or the possibility to share the entire directory that contains the index file. I just uploaded a file next to index in “htdocs” but can’t or don’t know get a link to.



If you get an error, you may have to clear your cache. If you want further help, please share your domain name and filename.



I was expecting this kind of abusive answer hidden under a hint of unprofessionalism, as it happened to me so much on forums lately.

If you have read carefully my question, as you pretend you didn’t, you would probably have answered to it.

We’re sorry to hear that.

However, what type of professionalism would you like to see?

Green is trying his best, and it’s quite ironic that you are being quite unprofessional to us.

We just want to be kind and help you.


He advanced the word cache with no need to.

Well, not to point fingers, but you completely ignored the template. The template is there for a reason, not for people to completely ignore. Also, you are typing, not talking, and it’s a lot harder to explain something when typing.

And I put the cache article out there for you to use, if it’s not working.

So, can you provide the information I asked you to provide, or can you explain your query in a different manner?


I was wrong. You guys are highly professional but in a different manner than implied by your position, and i was not inquiring anything as some may believe.


if there is an index page then the browser will show that
if there is no index page then the browser will show the contents of the directory

if you want to see your files listed this way then place them in a subdirectory without an index file like this for example

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