Links are not pointing at .html files

On my website, I have a menu that links to various pages. (ex. page1.html, page2.html).
But for some reason, my links are giving me a 404 error. What’s strange is one of my links work and the other 4 don’t. This is even including a “home” button that points to my index.html.

I have tried:
./index.html , ./page1.html
/index.html , /page1.html
index.html , page1.html

The link that is working is using ./page4.html.

I am using winSCP and its displaying all of the documents inside my /htdocs directory. Please if someone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

Hello there,

Could you please provide us your site domain? So we could check this issue on our end as well.

maybe you can see a silly mistake i’m making or something else. Regardless thank you in advance for taking your time to look!

I think it’s somewhat a problem with the way how you configured the relative paths of your HTML files:

As far as what I’m aware your contact.html file does not exist.

Then could you put a .html extension on your Contact page, I suspect that’s the issue or it could be that you just misplaced putting your files.
All of my links don’t have .html file.

Yes you’re correct I have no contact.html file. I have not uploaded it yet. I do however have a index.html , screens.html, and faq.html file. Neither of my index.html and or screens.html are working. Do you have any suggestions?

All of my files are in the /htdocs/ path. It’s just strange to me why my faq works and my screens/index does not.

Those links are absolutely working fine on my end, I press those buttons and it redirects me to the right pages without a problem.

This could be a problem with your browser and the cache of your browser, try clearing your browser cache or use another browser if issue is still persistent.

Except for the Keychains and Designs, the two does not work, you still didn’t upload these files or did you already upload them?

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You were 100 percent right. It was just my cache this entire time. Thank you so much for the help. There is currently no files for the Key-chains nor designs. Thank you for everything!


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