Linking website with google search

hi there i need to know that how can i or is it possible to connect my website with google console so that it can be searched by google by using infinityfree webhosting

Absolutely! Just follow the instructions from the article we wrote about this:

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thanks for reply but i have done this and still not verified by google
i have put verify file in the directory in which index file is located for my website
still not verified by google

Same here. Entirely incapable to validate through any of the given options. There’s a problem with sitemapping also (reading *.xml as *.html no matter how I generate it - manually, through web based sitemap generator or through wordpress app), even though I’ve strictly followed every single advice you gave in your help section.

Try cancelling the entire process and restarting it. If the issue persists, contacting Google if probably a good idea, since it seems like an issue in their side.

Did you try opening the verification URL yourself to verify the upload was successful? If there is something that prevents the HTML file from being shown, that would explain why Google is unable to do the verification too.


i tried adding meta tag in index file but i got this error dont know what to do with it

Try using txt record verification and add it as spf record. It always worked for me, despite the stupid idea it was-


i dont know how to add txt spf record as i am new to website development
could u tell me how to add a txt record in infinity free webhosting site

Chose dns verification in google search console.
In your cpanel go to spf records paste the code.
Then go back to search console and click verify (it can take up to 10 mins).


thanks that helped me and my website is now searched by google

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